Viña Tarapacá

Viña Tarapacá celebrates 30 years with Epice

In the first week of April, Viña Tarapacá celebrated a remarkable history with its official importer in Brazil.

Viña Tarapacá and EPICE have been working together since 1996 and, in light of this, the importer held an entertaining event in the Juquehy Hotel in San Paulo, where Viña Tarapacá joined them to celebrate its commitment and work for over two decades.

On this occasion, the winery presented its latest news about its wines and campaigns, also taking the opportunity to plan Viña Tarapacá’s goals in the market.Attendees of the event included Pedro Herane, CEO of VSPT Wine Group, who travelled to the country to accompany the EPICE team spearheaded by Nivaldo Oliveira, also awarding him an acknowledgement to thank him for his commitment over the past 23 years working with the brand.

It was an excellent chance to recognize the work and dedication of EPICE with Viña Tarapacá wines, which are supported by acknowledgements and a great sense of tradition.

Viña Tarapaca

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