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The ideal glass to enjoy a Chilean wine

In order to enjoy a good wine, especially a Chilean wine, it’s essential to take various factors into account such as its vintage, the cork material, temperature, pairing, etc. And glasses are very important in highlighting the qualities of each variety, since through them we make contact with the wine.

The glass must be made of smooth and transparent glass. In this way, it will be possible to emphasize the sharpness of the wine so its color can be observed perfectly. In any case, who doesn’t like to look at the tones of a Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon?

Below you can find out which glasses will help you to enjoy each wine the best way, depending on its type:

Red wine

Due to its strong and complex flavors, red wine needs enough room to breathe and release its flavors and aromas. Therefore, it is ideal to serve it in large glasses so it can move and aerate better.

Bordeaux glasses are designed for full-bodied wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot; while Burgundy glasses are aimed at tasting lighter wines like Pinot Noir.

Sweet wine

This kind of wine is ideal for pairing with desserts. The proper glass for sweet wines, such as Tarapacá Late Harvest, should be smaller so that the wine is directed to the back of the mouth and thus won’t tire us with its sweetness. Besides, this type of wine contains more alcohol, so a small portion is perfect to savor and enjoy a good pairing.

White wine

White wine is usually served at a temperature lower than the environment, so the glass must be smaller and slimmer, as when less surface area is exposed, the better the temperature is maintained. In this regard, the glass should also have a tall stem to prevent us from passing the heat from our hand to the bowl.

Gran Reserva Tarapaca ideal soups

The most classic design for this type of wine is a U shape and it is straighter than a red wine glass. Its function is to balance the complex flavors and aromas of this type of wine.

The glass for a Gran Reserva Tarapacá Chardonnay and for aged white wines is made to emphasize the acidity, with a wide and round shape at the bottom and narrower in the upper part.

Sparkling Wine

The most characteristic glasses for this variety are those that have a flute shape, with a narrow rim to concentrate the aroma and bubbles, making them last longer, as the effervescence is the highlighting quality of sparkling wines.

In addition to taking this guide into account, remember to have clean and dry glasses to be able to savor and fully enjoy the potential and pairing of each Chilean wine.

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