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The best gadgets for Chile’s Gran Reserva

Advances in technology are transforming people’s lives and the world of wine is no different. Therefore, we introduce to you the latest trends in wine-related technology, products of all kinds that allow you to enjoy your favorite wine varieties in the perfect conditions to ensure their flavor, aroma and an unparalleled pairing.

Cooper Cooler

This is a new device that helps cool your bottles quickly and easily. The Cooper Cooler takes just 6 minutes to bring the temperature of your wines from 25°C to 6°C, so you can enjoy a Gran Reserva Tarapacá Sauvignon Blanc at a perfect 12°C. This modern bottle cooler does it for you in only 3.5 minutes, without explosions, without froth, and conserving its acidity and length. Ideal for wine enthusiasts and experts.

Wine decanters

A decanter is a piece of glassware whose origins go back to the liquor bottles that were historically used in France. They are used to eliminate sediments or precipitates from wines that have lain for a long time without being opened or for young wines that have not been filtered.

Therefore, to fully enjoy the spicy notes of Gran Reserva Tarapacá Carménerè we recommend you decant it.

Wine pearls

A Chilean wine like Gran Reserva Tarapacá Chardonnay needs a temperature of 12°C to reach its optimum flavor, aroma, and body. Wine lovers won’t have to use ice anymore to achieve the ideal temperature, thanks to these steel pearls that quickly cool the wine.

Gran Reserva Tarapaca and its gadgets


Many times we’re at home and we only want to drink one glass of wine. Nowadays, the technology applied in the wine world offers dispensers such as Plum. Of a small size that can take two bottles and with an innovative design, this device has a modern system of specific cooling, so if you want to enjoy a Cabernet Sauvignon at its ideal temperature, Plum cools each bottle to the appropriate temperature for each wine variety.

In this case, you have to place you bottle of Gran Reserva Tarapacá Cabernet Sauvignon into the dispenser and it will ensure you serve it at the perfect 17°C at any time.

As you can see, there are plenty of alternatives to enjoy your favorite varieties in the best way thanks to these gadgets. Don’t be left behind by the new trends for Chilean wine lovers and obtain the perfect pairing for your meals, cocktails and salads.

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