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Gran Reserva Tarapacá’s winemaker completes successful trip to Europe

Sebastián Ruiz, Chief Winemaker of Viña Tarapacá, recently completed a successful trip to Europe. The visit included a series of events with professionals from the wine industry as well as distributors from the region, where he presented the latest developments from the wine brand, Gran Reserva Tarapacá.

His first stop was the Netherlands, where he was attended the 2016 Dranken & Pakket Expo Fair in Houten city. He presented the latest vintages from the Gran Reserva range, along with the new digital platform: Rosario Estate “The Natural Clos of the Maipo Valley”.

His second destination was London, England, in order to carry out various wine tastings for the sales force of the importers, Direct Wines and Davy Zyw. Attendees were enthralled by the winemaker’s presentation.

A couple of days later, Sebastián landed in Odense, Denmark where he visited specialist shops and took part in several Wine Dinners with clients.

To conclude the trip to Europe, the winemaker participated in the Mika Viini fair in Helsinki, Finland, organized by Altia. There he was involved in several tastings for consumers, as well as participating in a presentation for industry professionals about Cabernet Sauvignons from the Maipo Valley.

Winemaker of Gran Reserva Tarapacá

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