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Gran Reserva Tarapacá takes part in eighth version of Tasting Wines of Chile in São Paulo

The most important wine event in São Paulo, Brazil, in which over 800 people turned up, invited attendees to enjoy a wine tasting and masterclass in the iconic Hotel Unique located in the gastronomic capital.

During the tasting, Gran Reserva Tarapacá –the Gran Reserva of Chile– was able to shine among clients and specialist press. The entire portfolio was available for tasting, aiming for greater visibility for the brand in the Brazilian market.

Finally, the event aimed to highlight the diversity in Chilean wines. Gran Reserva Tarapacá is renowned around the world for its history and tradition, and is one of the most important Chilean brands in Brazil –a market which has warmly welcomed the legacy of premium Chilean wines.

Gran Reserva Tarapaca Brazil Chilean Wine

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