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The Gran Reserva from Chile that delights in Finland

For several years now, Chilean wine has earned a reputation in the global wine industry. Proof of this is the restaurant Nokka, one of the must-visit restaurants in Finland. You can see all of the details below.

Wine is an art in constant development and Chile is one of the main players in this industry that plays with aromas, flavors and textures. In fact, the quality of Chilean wines is such that one of the main local varieties has reached the other side of the planet thanks to the ambassador of Gran Reserva Tarapacá, Ari Ruoho, chef and owner of the restaurant Nokka, one of the best rated in Finland and a must for those who are visiting northern Europe.

Ruoho is the man behind the top restaurant in Helsinki, where he delights diners with his sophisticated menu of dishes, prepared only with seasonal ingredients from the forests of Salla, a town located in Finnish Lapland, and from small-scale producers. This is one of the secrets that have made Nokka one of the best culinary benchmarks in northern Europe. However, the best kept secret lies in pairing, something that Ruoho doesn’t doubt: Gran Reserva Tarapacá.

To savor his dishes, Ari has taken the best Chilean varieties to Finland –like the unbeatable Cabernet Sauvignon– finding in them the perfect wine pairing for many of his creations, such as Gran Reserva Tarapacá Organic Wine, a one-of-a-kind Red Blend, made exclusively with selected organic grapes from the Maipo Valley.

From Chile to Finland and vice versa

Wine pairing is an art. Finding the perfect combination can make your culinary experience something unforgettable, discovering flavors, aromas, and textures that will make your palate buzz. This is why winemaker Sebastián Ruiz (Viña Tarapacá) visited the restaurant where Ari Ruoho is the host chef, in order to look at endless possibilities of pairing.

In an encounter full of the most seductive aromas and flavors, Ruiz and Ruoho met at Nokka to delight the demanding diners. However, no one can resist a good Cabernet Sauvignon, especially if it’s a Gran Reserva.

Gran Reserva Tarapaca in Finlandia

This is how both of them surprised the palates at Nokka with an exclusive Chef&Winemaker summit, in which the chef and the oenologist carried out a demonstration of pairings that delighted the diners. And, of course, how can one avoid that, when the protagonists were the Gran Reserva wines of Viña Tarapacá, with a presentation of a unique range of carefully selected varieties.

Chilean wine is an ambassador of our culture, taking the flavors and aromas of our land to the most diverse places in the world. Ari Ruoho is the ambassador of Gran Reserva Tarapacá in Finland and Chilean wines are the best letter of recommendation.

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