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Discover the quality of the Tarapacá Gran Reserva line of Chilean wines

By gently swirling wine in a glass and observing its colors, clarity and brightness, noting the different aromas that envelop it – and finally tasting its flavor and texture – we can identify that this is a Gran Reserva produced at the Chilean vineyard Viña Tarapacá, which is recognized both nationally and internationally for its products.

Unsurpassed quality

Tarapacá Gran Reserva is a line of wines characterized by the integration of unique varieties of grapes, thanks to the professionalism and care with which the fruit is treated. Oenologists of the quality of Sebastián Ruiz, a specialist in oenology and viticulture from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, supervise production at every stage of the process, from the planting of the vines to harvest in the various valleys of the country.

In order to create a great wine, we use the benefits provided by the best land for wine production. This is how the characteristics of the soil, topography and climate allow the quality of the vines to be enhanced, since they are planted in locations that offer ideal conditions for ripening.

One of these factors is soil of volcanic origin containing medium-sized angular rocks, which helps the roots dig deeper in search of minerals and thus provides Chilean wines with good acidity, depth and rich tannins.

For this reasons, Tarapacá Gran Reserva is the combination of the best in tradition, experience and prestige offered by the Chilean winery that produces it. Ever since Viña Tarapacá won its first award in 1876, the working methods used to select the ingredients for each of its products have remained faithful to the same quality standards, producing a wine that is recognized as the best in Chile.

This has allowed the winery to win various awards for various different vintages and editions, such as:

James Suckling: the 2016 edition of the 2014 vintage, the 2017 edition of the 2015 vintage and the 2018 edition of the 2016 vintage.

Decanter: the 2016 edition of the 2013 vintage and 2017 edition of the 2014 vintage.

Descorchados: the 2018 edition of the 2016 vintage and 2017 edition of the 2014 vintage.

Wine Spectator: the 2017 and 2018 editions of the 2014 vintage.

The quality of Tarapaca Gran Reserva

Varieties and flavors of Gran Reserva Tarapacá

Etiqueta Azul

This is a blend comprised of 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 17% Syrah, 12% Petit Verdot and 6% Malbec. Its flavor maintains a balance between alcohol and acidity, which is ideal for pairing with lamb or tuna and herbs, among other dishes.

Etiqueta Negra

This is a type of wine dedicated to lovers of Cabernet Sauvignon (100%). In addition to its persistent length in the mouth, this wine provides the palate with the presence of concentrated and well-balanced tannins, perfect for pairing with a delicious grilled meat, or pasta with mushroom sauce or bolognese.

Gran Reserva Tarapacá

This is a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, different from the Etiqueta Negra due to 12 months in barrels, which creates a structure of soft and mature tannins on the palate. It is the ideal pairing for red meats, risotto de funghi and tuna.

Gran Reserva Tarapacá Orgánico

Its composition is 36% Syrah, 34% Cabernet Franc, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Carménère. Although Syrah is not very productive, it is considered to be a high quality variety, standing out due to its firm and velvety structure, with balanced acidity and alcohol. It usually pairs with red meats and legumes.

Becoming familiar with the styles and flavors of every type of variety produced by Viña Tarapacá allows Chilean wine lovers to taste like professionals and evaluate exquisite quality of the wine.

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