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Chilean wines: from the soil to the unique Viña Tarapacá bottle

Since 1874, Viña Tarapacá has been producing wines of the highest quality and has been the benchmark in tradition and quality of wine. Don Francisco de Rojas y Salamanca – a renowned oenologist – initially founded Viña de Rosas in the Maipo Valley and laid the foundations of the company’s first name, which is now a reference in local winemaking and in more than 60 countries.

The Chilean vineyard currently has 611 hectares planted, and its main markets are Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic and Finland.

Its successful track record in producing Chilean wines is closely linked to the history and people of the Maipo Valley area. Several varieties are grown in the area, particularly Cabernet Sauvignon, as the surrounding conditions enhance its flavor and body.

As a matter of fact, 45% of vines in Chile are Cabernet Sauvignon, which is a variety that especially appreciated for its perfect pairing with red meats, mature cheeses and mushrooms. In this regard, Gran Reserva de Viña Tarapacá stands out as one of the best examples of this variety of red wines, thanks to its balanced textures, soft tannins and delicate aromas.

A bottle to celebrate

With the Gran Reserva line, this Chilean winery offers wine lovers a unique experience. It is more than 140 years of tradition of grape growing and processing contained in a bottle with a personal seal, especially designed to celebrate the most important moments in life with the best vintages.

Vinos chilenos Viña Tarapacá

The distinctive Tarapacá Gran Reserva bottle is a Burgundy type – the oldest known – but specially designed for this edition decades ago by an artisan friend of the winery’s oenologist, giving it a unique weight and balance, just like the wine it contains. It takes its name from the French region of Burgundy and thanks to its opaque color it preserves the properties of the wine, protecting it from exterior light.

Both the label and the raised seal of the bottle depict the Viña Tarapacá mansion – built in 1927 – a faithful reflection of its tradition and history. All of the presentations in the Tarapacá Gran Reserva line are packed in this unique bottle and, with a high quality label, acquire their own personality and create the ideal pairing for unforgettable occasions.

This is the perfect way to bottle an excellent wine from one of the best areas for viticulture in the world, giving wine lovers the pleasure of enjoying Chilean wines anywhere around the globe.

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