Viña Tarapacá

Find out more about the history of Viña Tarapacá

Since we were founded at the foothills of the Andes mountain range in 1874, we have crafted elegant, quality wines, becoming one of the most traditional and historical Chilean wineries, as well as a benchmark for viticulture in Chile and over 50 countries.


Don Francisco de Rojas y Salamanca, a renowned winemaker possessing the noblest of grape varieties, founded the winery under the name “Viña de Rojas” in the exceptional Maipo Valley.


We received the first national acknowledgement: Silver Medal at the International Exhibition of Santiago.


We were awarded the first international acknowledgment: Silver Medal at the Exhibition of Philadelphia, USA.


Our winery was acquired by Don Antonio Zavala and became “Viña Zavala”. As a result of divorce with his wife, Mrs. Mercedes Ulloa, the winery became her property as part of the alimony. Doña Mercedes renamed the winery “Viña Tarapacá Ex Zavala”, to express gratitude to Don Arturo Alessandri -nicknamed “The Lion of Tarapacá”. He was her lawyer and also one of the most influential Chilean politicians of the 20th century, going on to become President of the Republic during the period 1920-1925 and then again during 1932-1938.


We built the  guest house  at Viña Tarapacá. It has a Tuscan style and is surrounded by a beautiful ten-hectare park with native species of flora, reflecting the tradition and history of the area. Today, the casona features on the label emblem, as well as on the seal for bottles of the Gran Reserva Tarapacá range.


A holding company of significant importance, La  Compañía Chilena de Fósforos, acquired Viña Tarapacá to orientate production of our Chilean wines towards international markets.


We acquired our “El Rosario Estate”, set in the heart of the Maipo Valley. It is a unique place, protected by nature, since it is surrounded by sets of mountains and the Maipo River. For this reason the Fundo El Rosario Estate is known as “Maipo Valley’s Natural Clos”.


We formed part of VSPT Wine Group, the second-largest exporter of Chilean wine, which brings together Chilean and Argentinian wineries of great international prestige. Moreover, it is number one in the fine wines segment in the Chilean market.


We inaugurated our mini hydroelectric plant, “El Rosario”.
It is a renewable energy project born in 2012 thanks to collaboration between VSPT Wine Group and the Errazuriz y Asociados company. The aim of it was to harness the water flow from the irrigation canal that is present on the estate and supplied by the Maipo River, to generate electricity for our winery’s operation.
It is capable of generating 250kWh energy, which equates to 60% of the energy consumption at the winery, or the equivalent monthly energy consumption of 750 Chilean homes.
The energy that is not consumed by Viña Tarapacá is fed into the national grid (Sistema Interconectado Central, SIC), providing the country with clean energy.


VSPT Wine Group se convierte en Green Company of the Year en los Green Awards 2016 recibiendo el máximo galardón con el título de “Green Company of the Year” (Compañía Verde del Año), además de ser reconocido como líder en Implementación de Energías Renovables, gracias a su firme compromiso con la sustentabilidad.


VSPT Wine Group becomes Green Company of the Year in the 2016 Green Awards  -the competition’s maximum prize- as well as being recognized as leader in Renewable Energy Implementation, thanks to its firm commitment to sustainability.